23 Ways to Use This Best-Selling Book

1. Donate a copy to a local senior center, with your business card taped inside.

2. Donate copies to the local library system…with your business card taped inside.

3. Recoup your seminar expenses! Sell the book at discounted prices to attendees.

4. Raffle copies at your next seminar.

5. Give it to professionals who may send you referral business.

6. Display it in your reception area as a conversation starter.

7. Send it to prospects as a gift…birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

8. Use as a thank you gift for clients who have set up a trust.

9. Use as a thank you gift for those who refer new clients to you.

10. Set up a lending library to give your clients access to the book (and a reason to return!).

11. Use it to train every member of your staff.

12. Use the charts and tables as visual aids during meetings with clients.

13. Recognize policy or account anniversaries with a gift of the book.

14. Give the book as an incentive to set up an initial consultation.

15. Reference specific pages in the book to bolster written proposals.

16. Mail a copy to a client who’s indecisive… with instruction to return it at their leisure.

17. Use as a premium or offer in your next direct mail campaign.

18. Use quotes from the book in press and media releases.

19. Have your receptionist offer it to waiting clients to pass the time.

20. Lend or give to new clients with “hot” passages marked with clips or paper.

21. Start a referral chain by asking clients to read the book, then pass to a friend.

22. Provide copies to doctors’ offices for their waiting rooms. (Attach a business card, of


23. And don’t forget dentists’ offices and hospital waiting rooms!