Updated 7th Edition for 2017!

Understanding Living Trusts® has been updated with 2017 Federal tax exemptions and rates, and is available on Amazon.

How to write a review on Amazon

As I mentioned in the last post, we are starting over again with our reviews with this new edition. Reviews are really important on Amazon. They help to increase sales, which increase rankings, which increase sales, and so on! Without reviews, books languish.

It’s actually very easy to write a review on Amazon. Just click on the button at the top of our website which will take you to the correct page for this new edition. Scroll down to where the reviews are listed (toward the bottom), click on the button to write a review, select a star rating (5, we hope!), and write your review.

Thank you for helping us make “Understanding Living Trusts®” readily available to families all across America!

7th Edition is now available!

It took a little longer than expected, but the 7th Edition for 2016 is now available on Amazon! Because I wanted a 2016 publication date, Amazon treats it as a new book. That means we are starting all over again with rankings and reviews. So I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider writing a review for this new edition. See the next post for how to do that.

Website Content, Ahrens Technologies

My apologies for being an AWOL blogger! We have been busy as bees here at Schumacher Publishing on some exciting new projects for 2016.

Website content for estate planning professionals is almost ready. (Details will be posted soon on the Professional page.)

Over the past several months, we have been working with Ahrens Technologies, who developed and now maintains the technology to deliver our website content to professionals’ existing websites.

Tom Ahrens is an estate planning attorney who discovered he was more satisfied with creating the technology part of his practice than with the actual practice of law. He now specializes in creating websites for attorneys, and he has built many websites for WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel members.

I have known Tom for several years, and it has just been delightful to work with him. He has made this so easy for me, and I am thrilled to be partnering with him. If you are looking to refresh your presence on the web, I highly recommend him! Check out his website here:

Stay tuned for more announcements!


Book Signing in San Diego

I will be at WealthCounsel’s 2015 Symposium in San Diego July 14-16, and will be doing Author Book Signings in the Teton Agents booth (Booth 9). A limited number of books will be available for purchase on site. If you are attending, we would love to see you! Many thanks to my friends Carol Gonnella and Kristen Walker with Teton Agents for having me!

Win a Free Book!

Spot a Typo and Win a Free Autographed Book!

After this many years of being a published writer and author, I have come to accept that, no matter how many times and how carefully a document is proofread, typos still sneak by. It’s aggravating, but a reality. And in a book of this size and detail, it’s more than likely to happen.

So, let’s have a little fun. I invite you to be part of the process, and I welcome your ability to spot a typo or (gasp!) an actual error in the 6th edition of my book. Corrections will be made in the next edition. As your reward, I will send you a free, autographed copy of the 7th edition and a mention on the acknowledgements page.

Just one rule: Only the first reader to alert me to each valid correction will be rewarded. So get your submissions in quickly. Send them to If you are the first to spot the error, we will contact you for your name (for credit) and mailing information.

Happy (and careful) reading!