Special Offers for Professionals

1. Quantity Discounts for Understanding Living Trusts®

You can purchase the book in quantity directly from us. Please continue to order single books from Amazon.com for $29.95. (Reviews are greatly appreciated.)

Qty……….Price Each






Shipping costs and CA sales tax (if applicable) are in addition. To place an order and for pricing on larger quantities, please email info@livingtrust.com or call 800-827-7941.

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2. Website, Blog/Newsletter Content written by Vickie Schumacher

Details will be announced soon here. If you would like to be personally notified, please email info@livingtrust.com.

3. Speaking Engagements by Vickie Schumacher

Bring in Vickie to speak to groups of consumers or professionals. The focus of her talk can be customized to fit your audience. For information, email info@livingtrust.com, let us know your preferred dates and audience description, and we will get back to you.

4. Add your name to our new professional email contact list. If you would like to be notified of any new developments specifically for professionals, send us an email at info@livingtrust.com.