Win a Free Book!

Spot a Typo and Win a Free Autographed Book!

After this many years of being a published writer and author, I have come to accept that, no matter how many times and how carefully a document is proofread, typos still sneak by. It’s aggravating, but a reality. And in a book of this size and detail, it’s more than likely to happen.

So, let’s have a little fun. I invite you to be part of the process, and I welcome your ability to spot a typo or (gasp!) an actual error in the 6th edition of my book. Corrections will be made in the next edition. As your reward, I will send you a free, autographed copy of the 7th edition and a mention on the acknowledgements page.

Just one rule: Only the first reader to alert me to each valid correction will be rewarded. So get your submissions in quickly. Send them to If you are the first to spot the error, we will contact you for your name (for credit) and mailing information.

Happy (and careful) reading!