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Pre-educate clients: A copy of Understanding Living Trusts® will educate clients and prospects, convince them they need your services…and bring them right to your door, ready to make decisions.

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Promote your professional services: You can utilize a book that actually “recommends” your services. Not a do-it-yourself manual, Understanding Living Trusts® stresses the importance of working with qualified professionals…like you.

How would you use this book to promote your business? The possibilities are practically endless. Check out our list of 23 Ways to Increase Your Profits with Understanding LivingTrusts®—and that’s just a starting point! But no matter how you put the book into a prospect’s hands, the bottom line is the same: in a low-key, non-threatening manner, you can remind prospects why they need to take action…and what you can do to help them.

In fact, they’ll find it hard to put down. Thousands have praised its easy-to-comprehend language and lively graphics. Your prospects can grasp and comprehend even the most complicated concepts with this remarkable book.

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